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Create a FQI instance for data analysis

FQI refers to Fast SQL where propellyr provides varied options for users to connect to Data Hubs along with the support of external files as tables for modifiying data representation. This section provides a detailed steps on How to create a FQI server and use it for querying and creating charts and dashboards.

Step 1: Login

Open the link and login to the portal. Contact the Administration for user credentials:

Step 2: Navigate to Data Hubs

On the Home page click on the “Data Hubs” in the left Menu.

Step 3: Create FQI

Under Data Hubs different digital assets like NFT, DeFi, BRIDGE, ENS, etc. are available. Click on ‘+ ’ icon of NFT and this should open multiple options to create a FQI. Below are the fields that need to be selected:

Chain - Select Ethereum

Creator Name - Select one or more options under this category

Date - Select either custom dates or standard date range options like “Last 7 days”, etc.

Click on the “Create FQI” button which will open a popup window with selected options mentioned above.

After validating the data click on “Save” button and this will trigger the server provisioning. This may take upto 10-15 seconds.

Connection to FQI

For connecting to FQI Server, you can check out about FQI connection here connect to FQI 🔌