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Unleashing Multi-Blockchain Insights with Advanced Risk Analytics

Enhancing risk analytics with reliable blockchain data leads to better risk understanding, improved assessment, and higher potential returns.

Key Features

Yield3 simplifies the complexity of DeFi analytics, risk management, and market insights with advanced AI algorithms. Explore our streamlined offerings.

Impact Calculator

A Comprehensive Tool to Optimise your Portfolio

Earning Dashboard

Get Timely Updates for your Earnings on DeFi protocols

Risk Analytics

Risk Scoring Metrics to Analyse your Investments

Yield Yoda

Get Indepth AI Powered Insights for your Portfolio

Impact Calculator Quantify Investment Impact

The Impact Calculator allows customers to understand the potential effects of investment decisions.

Historical Analysis

Anticipate future trends and enhance investment strategies by historical market analysis.

Portfolio Optimization

Evaluate and adjust portfolios for maximum returns.

Strategy Simulation

Our Strategy Simulation feature empowers users to virtually test a range of investment strategies, offering a glimpse into potential outcomes.

Portfolio Optimization

Leveraging sophisticated algorithms identify optimal asset allocation, aligned with your risk tolerance and investment aspirations.

Enhanced Control

Gain the ability to dynamically adjust and fine-tune your portfolio, thereby amplifying the likelihood of achieving superior yields.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Dashboard offers an intuitive scoring system, streamlining investment assessments for effective risk control.

Proactive Risk Management

Utilise real-time data for insightful risk analysis and confident decision-making.

Continuous Monitoring

Receive continuous risk monitoring and timely alerts tailored to your portfolio's needs.

Risk Scoring

Assess the level of risk associated with different investments.

Comprehensive Risk Parameters

Get a holistic view of the risk by fine-tuned parameters.

Tailored Insights

Access market intelligence and research info for better investment decisions.

Yield Assistant

YieldAssistant, driven by AI, processes vast data to deliver actionable insights efficiently.

Rapid Query Responses

Benefit from swift AI responses essential for the dynamic pace of DeFi markets.

Predictive Analytics

Utilise our expertise in predicting market trends and potential risks, positioning you a step ahead.

Interactive Platform

Get tailored response to queries in friendly format by AI.

24/7 Availability

Available around the clock ensuring access to unparalleled real-time analytics.

Custom Events

Generates reports tailored to the specific needs and preferences.