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How it Works ?

Propellyr is a modernistic data platform built grounds-up on a state of the art technology stack. The architecture of the platform offers modularity, extensibility and adaptability to everchanging blockchain ecosystem. Below are the core components of the system:


Collectors is the ingestion engine which collects transaction and block data from multiple blockchains. It is designed to ingest real-time as well as historical data from the blockchain networks.


Decoder is an AI-based engine which automatically builds Contract ABI database used for decoding smart contract transactions and log events. It leverages its exhaustive database of over 2M+ ABIs to decode the input, topics and data values from hexadecimal format into a human readable format.

Processing & Transformation

Processing & Transformation is the core of the Propellyr platform which performs the below actions:

  • Transform transactions and block data into a unified data model through multiple data pipelines.
  • Data enrichment using off-chain data
  • Extract digital asset specific information from the decoded data.

Data Delivery

Propellyr offers multiple channels for Data Delivery to their customers. Below are the supported channels:

  1. Rest APIs
  2. Historical data APIs
  3. Batch and Streams
  4. Direct to database

The supported file formats are CSV, Parquet, JSON and Avro.


Visualization layer comes bundled with the Propellyr platform showcasing charts, graphs and trends for popular blockchain use cases. It is a DIY tool which data analyst can use to build their own custom dashboards.

The below diagram highlights the Propellyr platform's core features: