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Data Hubs

Propellyr platform provides out of the box segregation of smart contract transactions based on the ERC type (ERC721, ERC1155 & ERC20), digital asset (NFT & Tokens) and the type of protocol (DEX, DeFi, GameFI, Lending, Bridge, DAO, etc.). The users have the option to choose from pre-labelled protocols or provide their own protocol addresses as input. Below are the data hubs which the platform currently supports:

Data HubSupportedTop protocols
DeFiYesUniswap V3 Router 2, Wrapped Ether Token, 1Inch v4 Router, Uniswap Labs: SwapRouter, Uniswap Labs: NonfungiblePositionManager, Aave Lending PoolV2, Compound: COMP, AAVE v2 Main Market: WETHGateway, Compound: cETH Token, Compound: cUSDC Token and etc.
NFTYesCandy Digital, The Otherside, VeeFriends Series 2, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Moonbirds, Murakami.Flowers, Goblintown, NFT Worlds, Clone X and etc.
BRIDGEYesPolygon POS, Celer Network cBridge V2, Multichain, Axie Infinity, Polygon Plasma, NEAR Rainbow, dYdX, Across Protocol, Gravity, Harmony and etc.
GameFIComing soon-
DAOComing soon-
ENSComing soon-