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Yield 3 Revolutionising Data Infrastructure in DeFi

Navigating the enigmatic world of DeFi, Allen, Norman, Sylvan, and Vivek joined forces to craft a revolution. Yield3 emerged from the fusion of their unique talents – Allen with his Web3 mastery, Norman's deep crypto insight, Vivek's strategic brilliance, and Sylvan's entrepreneurial tenacity.

With a combined legacy of scaling start-ups and unwrapping the complexities of DeFi, they have created a user-centric platform. Yield3 stands as a testament to their innovation, making DeFi not only accessible but also comprehensible to all

Our Team

Allen Hena profile
Allen HenaFounder & CTO

Vivek profile

Norman Wooding profile
Norman WoodingPartner

Sylvan Martin profile
Sylvan MartinPartner

Snehil profile
SnehilSoftware Developer

Daniel profile
DanielSoftware Engineer

Our Advisors

Hansjoerg Hettich profile
Hansjoerg HettichAdvisors

Mathieu Chanson profile
Mathieu ChansonDeFi Advisor

Tobias Sperrin profile
Tobias SperrinAdvisor