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We empower better decision-making with robust and actionable Web3 data for institutional investors. Discover the simplest way to generate yield on your digital assets.

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Data, information and insights are not synonyms. When it comes to making sense of data, getting actionable insights is the holy grail. Yield3 aggregates and processes large, diverse datasets from multi on- and off-chain sources to consistently stay ahead of the curve on market developments and new projects - providing insights on more than just ETH.
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About Us

After years navigating DeFi without clear metrics and unreliable data - Allen, Norman and Sylvan joined forces in order to address the underlying issues. With the foundation of Yield3 they put all the individual DeFi-pieces of the puzzle together, providing the full picture.

Allen is a subject matter expert, software guru and Web3 ninja. Norman is an objective oriented nerd, crypto wizkid, with experience in building agile, high performing teams. Sylvan has the hustle, entrepreneurial drive and grit needed to grow companies.

Together they successfully built and scaled start-ups in the industry and strive to make DeFi understandable and easy to use.


We are a team of creative technology pioneers that bring a broad depth of experience in Crypto, Software, Finance and Fintech - dedicated to provide the best yield in DeFi.

Allen Hena
Allen Hena
Founder & CTO
Norman Wooding
Norman Wooding
Co-Founder & CSO
Strategy & Crypto
Sylvan Martin
Sylvan Martin
Co-Founder & COO
Hansjoerg Hettich
Hansjoerg Hettich
Tobias Sperring
Tobias Sperrin
Mathieu Chanson
Mathieu Chanson
DeFi Advisor


Here is a brief snapshot of our roadmap over the coming months.

Q3 2022

Soft Launch

Q3 2022

Additional Team Members

Back end engineer
Front-end UX Designer
Data modelers

Q4 2022

Onboarding of initial customers for Data product

Q4 2022

Portfolio Dashboard product

Q1 2023

Event and condition based notifications to Data and Portfolio Dashboard user

Q3 2023

Add additional protocols


We are proud to work with the best.

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